About Me

Hi!  Welcome to my website, thank you for taking the time to have a explore my work.

My name is Wendy, I’m a mother of two children, happily married, living in the amazing viabrant city of Wellington. 

Photography is my passion, its what I love and what makes me happy. 


My Approach

Time moves fast. Children grow up, and parents grow older. While it’s impossible to stop time, it is entirely possible to capture the magic of your family now and forever.

Family portraits are a beautiful way to share the spirit of your family and all the unique personalities that make it.

As a family and lifestyle photographer, I aim tell your family story and turn moments into memories that will last a lifetime and beyond.

I grew up mesmerized by my family's photo albums and today, as a mother, treasure images of my own children. I understand that photographing children is as unpredictable as it is fun. The odd tantrum or a child that won’t play ball does not faze me – I work with it.



How it Works

A full family photography shoot usually last three hours. Most families choose to begin the shoot in their home and then move to a fun location (often one with a special meaning).

I love to take advantage of beautiful natural light and nature’s perfect backdrops. There are many alternatives in and around Wellington.

For those that want something shorter then a popular alternative is a mini shoot –one hour / one location.

It’s my job to put you at ease, while capturing your natural smiles, laughter and all the moments in between. I do this by taking a little time to know you, discuss the shoot in some more detail, and then let the session unfold naturally.

Photo shoots can include the whole family or can focus on just the children. In addition to photographing the family together, I try spend time with each family member to capture own unique traits and produce portraits you will love. Working one-on-one allows me to photgraph the essence of each person. Faces have such character, and can tell their own story with a simple look.

Packages and Pricing

High-quality, professional family portraits go beyond a phone full of images. They hang on your walls, inspire you daily, and preserve your stories for future generations.

I understand choosing photography for your family is an investment - especially in digital world where we are constantly taking and sharing photos - but it is one that is worthwhile.

Because you and your family are unique, I try to keep my pricing flexible. I prefer to create custom packages that are specific to you, but offer packages and an ‘a la carte’ price list to give you an idea of the possibilities.

For albums and prints, I work with Queensberry in New Zealand, as they offer superior products. I also have preferred framers, whose designs match the high standards of my printers.

I love to provide families with photos ready to be shared. When you receive your photos printed and framed, it’s easy to hang them on your wall and enjoy them daily.


Customer Testimonials

"Wendy made our family photoshoot super easy! The kids just loved it. She had great ideas that flowed effortlessly throughout the photoshoot, which captured lovely family moments that will be treasured forever."


"Our daughter, her husband and their four boys were visiting us in Wanaka NZ over holiday time. We were very blessed to have Wendy take us on a helicopter photo shoot, it was truly a special day. Wendy certainly has an eye for the camera, she captured the different personalities of each of our grandsons. She also suggested a photo shoot at our home, where the kids played outside while she snapped away, awesome photos, her photos put our memories in a book. Our family album, is very dear to our hearts, it captured our wonderful family holiday in Wanaka, New Zealand, which we will treasure always. I would highly recommend Wendy as your photographer, she is very talented, and a wonderful person also. Thank you Wendy!"


"Our family were really blessed to have Wendy as the photographer for our family gathering in the summer holidays. There were 22 of us. Wendy photographed various groupings of grandparents, mums and dads, families and individuals in all sorts of creative and fun ways. We were so thrilled with the quality of the photos and are really grateful to her sensitivity, patience and flexibility in working with all of our needs. A few months after the photo shoot, our Dad passed away, making Wendy’s photos of our family truly treasured and special. She really captured the essence of us and we couldn’t be happier with the album of photos we now have."