What is it about fun and laughter that is so contagious?   Justin and Sharon’s wedding had such fun and hilarity that it still makes me smile whenever I think of it.  I started the morning capturing Sharon getting ready and the giggles started there. The fun intensified at the ceremony at Edgewater Resort, with an awesome boogie down the aisle (one of my favourite shots). Love and gales of laughter punctuated the whole day and being able to capture such joy in their photos was a real treat.  This beautiful wedding was about them, their love for each other and for life itself. To View More >>

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I often take snaps of my children but don't often take time out of my busy life to take those special images that will go into albums, be sent to grandparents and go on my walls.   Inspiration comes at all sorts of times, but for my somewhat impromptu family shoot, the location and the bed formed into a plan while I was on a run.  The bed was outside someone’s house with a sign "take me" and that’s what I did - well with my husband, Dale.  He did think it was a bit odd when I told him I wanted to take it down to the lake. It was the end of summer, golden hour, so beautiful To View More >>

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